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Our People

Rector & Priest: The Venerable Brent W. Ham

Rector’s Email: revbrentham@gmail.com

Parish Wardens:  Brent Crawford & Annette Harris

Organist and Choir Director: James Snelgrove

Office Administrator: Nada Guimond

Church Office Phone: (506) 386-7431

Email: sjtba.church@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stjohnthebaptistanglicanchurchriverview/

  • The church building is fully accessible with a “lift”.
  • The church hall is on ground level from the back of the church.
  • There is parking available in the back and front of church.
  • There is a pew available in the centre of the church for wheelchair(s).
  • Communion will be given from the pew when requested.
  • Sign Language will be provided when requested in advance of the Service. 






A brief history of St. John the Baptist Church in Riverview, New Brunswick

When Riverview was called Riverview Heights and was a small but growing community its boundaries extended from the Pine Glen Road to Blythewood Avenue – from the Coverdale Road to Grenville Road. At that time the Anglicans of the community, as well as other congregations, had a growing need for their spiritual life, so services were set up and held in the Riverview School which was four rooms in total. Each congregation had their service at a different time, which meant preparing for a service by setting up an Altar and all the extras each time. The first service in the school was July 30,1950 with 25 in the congregation. As time went on the population of Waterside, Albert County dwindled as Riverview Heights was growing. The situation developed when Riverview Heights had a congregation and no church and Waterside had a church but no congregation and so the decision was made to move St. John the Baptist Church from one community to the other. The original building was erected at Waterside in Albert County in 1938. The Rector of that Parish at the time was the Reverend Donald Colwell who designed the church himself.

Saint John the Baptist Church Riverview 1958

St. John the Baptist Church Riverview 1958

The removal of the little church was quite a feat creating news headlines and exciting the attention of radio commentator, John Fisher of CBC who broadcast the story of the move.

The following is an excerpt from John Fisher’s report:
Sunday, May 18, 1952


In most cases the congregation goes to the church. It is rare when the church travels to the congregation. My story today is about two churches, which were moved at the call of the faithful. As Calvin Coolidge said, “It is only when man begins to worship that they begin to grow.” Now our scene shifts to a fast growing community on the Atlantic Coast – Riverview, just outside Moncton, New Brunswick. It seems the Anglicans in Riverview; 18 months ago were tired of sharing a school auditorium with four other church groups. Their treasury was lean, but the call of worship was stronger. They wanted a Holy House of their own. They succeeded in bringing the church to them. In the early summer of 1951, they heard abut an unfinished church building 50 miles away – up the Petitcodiac River. If they could move it, it was theirs for free. Excitement rose at meeting after meeting. Then came the marvelous operation. The roof was removed. The church was cut in eight pieces. In pieces it was moved 50 miles up river by truck. In their cars the faithful curiously watched the voyage of the severed. Unlike Humpty- Dumpty, it was put together again and placed on a concrete foundation with a brand new roof – in Riverview. You couldn’t tell that it hadn’t always been standing there on Riverhill Avenue in Riverview, New Brunswick. The busy Anglicans went to work with tender hands and generous hearts. The faithful rallied around and filled the shell with symbols of their faith. Last March 23rd – 18 months after the first gathering of the original members of the congregation, they held the first service in the House of Eight Pieces. A thrilling example of what a congregation can do when they put their heads and hearts together and kneel in humble prayer.

Located on a new site, the land given by Mr. Byron Dobson, the corner of Bradford Road and Montgomery Avenue (previously called Riverhill Avenue). The church was dedicated May 4, 1952. It became part of the newly formed Parish of Coverdale and Hillsborough.

Dedication of new St. John the Baptist church took place February 21, 1979.

The following are the past Rectors of the present building on Woolridge Street in Riverview: Reverend John Bruce, Reverend William Draper, Reverend Keith Wedgewood, Reverend Keith Brown, Reverend John Sharpe, Reverend Albert Snelgrove, Reverend Brent Ham