Parish Notices

Retirement of the Mortgage

This past Sunday we celebrated the retirement of our mortgage on the renovations that we did back in 2012. The total project was close to $500,000 and we had a mortgage of $175,000.

Thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of so many we burnt the mortgage in style and we are now once again debt free.

Bishop David Edwards was our guest celebrant and preacher and we had a wonderful pot-luck after the service.


Dedication of Stained Glass Window

St. John the Baptist Anglican Church

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

In Memory of David William MacDonald

Today we dedicate to the Glory of God and in loving memory of David MacDonald our new stained glass window.

This window depicts St. John the Baptist baptizing Jesus and was beautifully hand crafted by Schella Glass Studios.

We thank the MacDonald family for the gift of the window, which will be a lasting tribute to their son.


Daily Bread Devotional Booklets

The Vestry is pleased to provide everyone in the Parish with a copy of the “Daily Bread” daily devotional booklet.  The booklets for June, July, August are available on the table in the Narthex.

Congregational Meeting

A special thank you to everyone who attended the congregational meeting  Sunday,  May1.  We had close to 140 people gathered to hear the proposal and we made a very important decision in support of our parish ministry.

Some of the highlights of the action plan include:
– Improvements to the sanctuary
– New sound system and flooring for the worship space
– Improved security for our building
– New back entrance (wheelchair accessible)
– Renovated hall and kitchen
– Renovated downstairs bathrooms

After hearing the proposal the congregation voted 92% in favour of the plan.  The next step is to consult the Diocese for their approval to begin construction.  For those who missed the meeting we have set up a display in the Narthex showing the approved plan.

The vestry and the facility improvement committee will continue to keep the parish informed about what is happening to the best of our ability.  We thank you for your participation in this process and we look forward with great excitement to beginning construction.

If you have any questions or comments at any time please do not hesitate to speak with the Wardens or Rev.  Brent.


St. John the Baptist Expansion and Renovation Financial Campaign

Growing in Grace by God’s Guidance

Our parish has a wonderful and rich history and many people have contributed to its health and spiritual life. It was on July 30th, 1950 that the very first public Anglican service was held in Riverview.  We gathered each week in what is now the Riverview Middle School and little did we know what wonderful plans God had in store for us!

It was on May4th, 1952 that the congregation celebrated their first service in the church that was moved from rural Albert County up the Petitcodiac River and placed on Bradford Street in Riverview.  The congregation was filled with joy as they now had their own building.

As Riverview continued to grow in the 70’s the congregation face a new challenge which was to build a new church that would enable us to grow to meet the needs of our expanding community. On Christmas Eve in 1976 that dream became a reality as we gathered for worship in our new building.

In 2000 we identified some key improvements that we wanted to invest into our building.  After much discussion we decided to improve our narthex, Sunday school areas, and made our building barrier free.  These additions have been a tremendous blessing.

The challenge for us at the present time is that our building is now 35 years old and we need to address our worship area, hall, bathrooms and kitchen.  This will be the most significant renovation in the life of our parish and we need your support.

Each time we have built in faith, God had blessed us to be able to do his ministry and I pray and know that it will be by God’s grace that God will lead us into the future.

Goals and Benefits of the Building Plan

  1. Worship Area – The worship of  God is at the very heart of our parish. We plan to beautify the space and make improvements to the layout of the sanctuary.  We will upgrade the flooring and enhance the sound system.
  2. Kitchen – We have one of the busiest kitchens in the deanery and it need to be upgraded to meet code.  Our new kitchen will be properly designed and furnished with new appliances.
  3. Parish Hall – Our hall is used every day of the week and hosts not only our many parish functions but also a variety of community groups.  A renovated hall will add to the fellowship of our parish and our community outreach.
  4. Washrooms – The current downstairs washroom facilities will be expanded and renovated.  The washrooms will be handicap accessible.
  5. Lower Level entrance – Our back entrance is a major concern.  A new entrance will provide a warm welcome to our building.

Any member of the Expansion and Renovations Committee would be pleased to meet with any parishioners or friends to discuss the approved plan and to answer any questions.

We kindly ask that your complete the financial Response Form to the Church by July 1st (in person or by email).